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Art in the Park (Read 417 times)
Eric Geist
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Art in the Park
Aug 9th, 2009 at 9:47pm
This weekend, I attended the Art in the Park Sculpture show here in Loveland. It is actually 2 separate sculpture shows, and a craft show, but it is the biggest in the world. Some turners there included Kurt Theobald, and Cindy Drozda.
My reason for putting this post here in marketing is this: If you ever get a chance to attend a show like this, jump on it. The information and contacts you can get is worth 100x the price of admission. I was able to talk with all sorts of artists about everything from market conditions to sharing of ideas. I came home with a steno pad sheet of paper full of scribbled down ideas for pieces to try, and new techniques to try. Not all of these ideas came from turners. Some of the ideas were things that I saw, and will put my own spin on it. Some other ideas came from just talking back and forth with some of the artists. I even found a source for free corian scraps for pens and segmented work(I swear I will try segmented one day if I can get past that mental block I have about math)

One example of an idea I had everyone can try. I was in the scupltors supplies tent, and found that the pedestals for scupltures can run upwards of $1000!! Granted, some were expensive marble and such, but others were simply nice wood. I found that these pedestals need to attract a viewer every bit as much as the sculpture itself without overpowering it. I would think that would be a relatively easy task. Often, the pedestal gets sold with the scuplture, so an artist is willing to pay what seems to me to be unreasonable prices for the pedestal.
Even if I had gotten no other information, the creative energy in that place was so very contagious, you cant help coming up with new ideas. The only downside was, the show is sooooo big, after a while you suffer from a bit of sensory overload
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Loveland, CO
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