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Wood identification (Read 1,312 times)
John Cepko
Senior Member

WR Rocks!

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Pasadena, Maryland, USA

Re: Wood identification
Reply #15 - May 12th, 2017 at 6:51pm
My guess is Cherry, and Tulip Poplar.
The Cherry has the yellow sap wood...it will be white when you turn it. Turn it quickly, or it will turn punky. The lighter center will have a reddish hue, and will darken with age and light exposure
The Tulip Poplar has the dark heartwood in the center.
If you turn this wood freshly cut, wear a raincoat. These trees hold a boatload of water, and will spray you when turning at speed. Poplar is also really light when it dries, and will mold if sealed up in a bag
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