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Club Collaborative Challenges (Read 238 times)
Charles LaPrease
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Club Collaborative Challenges
Apr 11th, 2017 at 8:57am
Our local club is going to start a "collaborative challenge" where members start a project, pass it on, the next person works on it, passes it on, etc.  For those that have done this, or if you have ideas, some questions ...
1.  What do you call yours?
2.  How many people do you pass it down thru?
3.  Do you have some rules you can send me (barbchas@twcny.rr.com)?
4.  What do you do with the final pieces?
5.  Do you give people something as a reward for participation?
6 ... Any other thoughts you have would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance.
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Ed Weber
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Wilton, California, USA

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Re: Club Collaborative Challenges
Reply #1 - Apr 11th, 2017 at 10:23am
I've never done this with a solid blank, only with segmented projects. This is much easier as each member involved can add a layer or feature ring.
(with this process the piece gets bigger rather than smaller)

In you case, I would determine how many are going to be involved first and define their roles. The more turning, the less material will be left at the end. Example, One person each for the base the body the rim and the finish.
The rules are typically along the lines of size/shape and time to complete an individual task.
Most completed pieces Ive seen are usually held at the club meeting place or at local woodworking stores as advertisement.
What you call it and what you provide the participants is entirely up to you or your club.
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