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Made a Mistake with WOP (Read 294 times)
Mike Turner
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Made a Mistake with WOP
Nov 3rd, 2017 at 4:52pm
I was working finishing some flutes in shop.I had some wop left in a rag and wasnt thinking but put it on a flute I was going to experiment on with some transtint dye...(Im not a fan a tinting but was going to try) It was only a very lite coat.Just a light coat in a smallish 2" by 2" rage.I put this on the piece of poplar and went onto to other things.I thought about it later as I was cutting grass.....I then wiped the flute down with acetone and then with mineral spirits and then again with acetone./I will sand again thru several grits and then maybe I can try the transtint.Guess there is any wop left on to make a mess of the transtint dye??
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Ron Sardo
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Re: Made a Mistake with WOP
Reply #1 - Nov 4th, 2017 at 5:52pm
WOP means Wipe On Poly, poly being the key ingredient which needs mineral spirits to remove it from the wood, The acetone didn't really do anything except get you high if you weren't in a well ventilated area.

Yes, you should sand to bare wood and then you'll find out if there is any WOP left once you use the dye.

If there is any WOP left just repeat step one

Sometimes its easier just to make a new flute
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