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Inside of a box/bowl ughhhhhhhbbbhh (Read 127 times)
Anthony Gomez
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Oklahoma City

Inside of a box/bowl ughhhhhhhbbbhh
Jun 8th, 2019 at 1:11pm
So it seems on shine juice is not up to the challenge of a decent finish on the inside of a bowl and the recent series of boxes that I have been making - I have been turning end grain
As well as the opposite- I am not sure what to call that - so if it was for end grain it is like the pith would be in the center and the other way it would be like the outer edge  would be the edge - either way I can’t seen to get them to be as smooth finish ....any help would be appreciated
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Grant Wilkinson
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Re: Inside of a box/bowl ughhhhhhhbbbhh
Reply #1 - Jun 9th, 2019 at 7:29am
Since you say the shine juice is failing, can you explain what it is you think it should do? I believe that shine juice is a mixture of BLO and shellac, correct? On the bottom of an end grain piece, it will be sucked in until the piece is saturated. Depending on the wood, you may see the juice oozing out of the outside bottom of the piece. When it finally hardens, which could take weeks, you would likely be able to polish it to a nice sheen. All this presupposes that you sanded or scraped the bottom to a good finish before applying the shine juice.
Face grain/side grain bowls are more forgiving in terms of how much finish they soak up, but given that shine juice is a penetrating finish, expect to apply many coats over a period of time to get a nice finish.
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Grant Wilkinson
Ottawa ON
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