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It's all how you present it and where (Read 142 times)
Ed Weber
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Re: It's all how you present it and where
Reply #15 - Sep 11th, 2020 at 9:27am
Mainly, it's where I live, the lumber seller I buy from and how much I've bought over the years. (they treat me very well)
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A few years ago, there was a sale, so I bought a load of redwood for my outdoor projects. Rough sawn, 2"x6"x48" boards. (I bought 500 of them) These were "garden grade", the lowest grade intended for making raised beds, you know, on the ground and filled with dirt. This is basically the junk wood but served a purpose, not a "grade" that's normally carried. Most good, some junk, some better quality. If the board wasn't fit for purpose in it's original size, I break it down and mill it into usable pieces. Some of the pieces in the tables had knots 6" accross on the other end of the board
The pieces in these tables aren't perfect. There are pin holes from who knows what but overall, solid.
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