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New Tool Line (Read 347 times)
Robert Hayward
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Tampa area

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Re: New Tool Line
Reply #30 - Feb 21st, 2021 at 6:36pm
Had one of those days here today. Started out to make a small handle for a new 1/2" negative rake scraper. Found a proper size piece of Laurel oak that had been drying for four years. Perfect, then cut it too short. Embarrassed

Checked it out and I could still make it work just a tad shorter than I wanted. Got it almost final turned then had a tiny catch with the parting tool while sizing the tenon for the ferrule. Snapped the tenon, or half of it completely off. Angry It was getting pretty thin.

Trash gets picked up tomorrow morning. So unless I wake up in the middle of the night in a different frame of mind the trash company is going to take possession of it. I have a box full of 2X2 black walnut out there in the barn. I think I saw four or five bubinga 2x2's also. Really wanted this handle to be native grown oak. Cry
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