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Rev. Doug Miller
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Hardinsburg, KY, Kentucky, USA
Hardinsburg, KY

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Screen Names
Jan 9th, 2010 at 12:10am
For the last year, we have been asking that all new members register using both first and last names.  Nearly everyone has followed this request.  A few, however, have registered and then changed their screen name once they were confirmed. 

The Administrators must insist that all users who have registered since the January, 2009, must use their real names, both first and last.  According to the registration agreement, failure to comply will be reason to delete your registration.

Thanks for paying attention to this matter.  Our desire is to prevent an undesirable element on the site and have found that this measure has in fact helped.  If you have trouble making the change, feel free to ask Ron, Jim, or myself for assistance.  We will be glad to help you.

Older members:  Thanks to those of you who have also changed your name to the new standard of real names.  If you haven't yet, you can expect a private message from one of the administrators.  We are basically asking those who we see on line to please change your name to this new standard.  The use of real names really does help with the attitude of family and working together.  We have already noticed a change, not only with the new members, but the older members who have changed to real names as well.

Thanks to everyone for making Woodturners Resource the greatest woodturning site on the net.  Without all of you we'd just be another site.

Rev. Doug Miller, Administrative Team
Woodturners Resource
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Mentor, Hardinsburg, KY. Basics, bowls, platters, hollow forms, pens. Send PM for more information or make reservation

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