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Rev. Doug Miller
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Hardinsburg, KY, Kentucky, USA
Hardinsburg, KY

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Jan 31st, 2010 at 4:29pm
From time to time members of this forum have taken possession of new equipment or an new tool, even a stash of some great wood. The standard response has become one containing a graphic of a finger pointing directly at the reader and the words "You (edited out)!" across the bottom. That graphic has bothered me from the beginning.

I have personally regretted this graphic from the first time it showed up on this site but have held my standards to myself. Lately we have begun to receive other complaints. I suspect that we have lost some of our younger members and some of the women who have been active in the past because of this phrase and the use of this word in a vulgar manner.

Solution: No longer will the graphic be accepted on this site. I understand that some of you will disagree with this decision, but the administrative team is solid on this.

In addition we ask that you curb your use of the word in a vulgar way. There are legitimate uses of the word "(edited out)," but there are also not so legitimate uses. We are simply asking that you watch your language. Ask yourself "Do I want my child/wife/mother to read this?" If the answer is no, then do not hit the send button until you've reworded it.

Guys, we forget that we're not the only ones on here and that there are women and children all the time. Let's get things back in line.

Thanks for being a part of the best woodturning site on the net. Each one of you are important. Let's work together to take WR to the next level.

Rev. Doug Miller , Administrative Team
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