Walnut Vintage Candlestick Telephone
by Kathy Jekel

This telephone was turned by Kathy Jekel, a friend of Bill Hart of Ada, Oklahoma. Bill a collector of telephones has turned several telephones that were designed from the original working telephones used in the early 1900's.


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Base is two pieces.  The base and plug. The base starts at 5” diameter x 1.5” height, with a 1/16” lip on base and rounds up to a 16th step up that measures 4” across. The small piece that imitates the rubber plug for the cord is 7/16” with a small tenon of .25” to insert into the base. Drill a hole in the center for the cord before turning this piece. Drill a hole in the base to fit the plug. (The plug appears in different places on different phones, some are on back some are on the side.) Drill a .5 “hole in the top of the base for stem to be inserted into the base. 

Stem  starts with a .5” tenon on bottom  to be inserted into the base, flares out to 1.5 where it attaches to the base, then tapers back to 1” for  5.5”, then flares back out to 1.25” for 1.25” for the drop hook cradle, then tapers to .75 at the top with a slight round over at the top. Length of stem is 10” from tenon to top. Cut .25” x 1” deep slice in the top to allow for the cone mouth piece and drill a small hole horizontally .25 down from the top to fit the brass pin. (I suppose you could use a piece of coat hanger or a piece of finish nail. The piece of brass I used was about that size.) This allows the mouth piece to move up and down.  After inserting the pin, I filled the hole with saw dust from the stem and CA glue to hide the brass pin on each side. I used a Dremel tool to cut a hole for the drop hook cradle tenon to fit into the stem, approximatly .25 deep in the portion of the stem that flares out to 1.25”.  

Drop Hook Cradle starts with a drilled hole in a block of wood.  I used a block 4” by 2.5”.  I drew the general shape of the cradle on the block of wood. Then cut the piece on a scroll saw and then sanded it to shape.  It is 3”long x 1.75 wide. Inside horseshoe shape measures 1.25” wide x 1.75 in length 7/16” in height with a .25 tenon to insert into the stem.  (I made three of these before I finally made one that would work, so don’t get discouraged if the first one doesn’t work).

The Mouth Piece is three pieces. The mouth cone with lid for the top of the bowl piece, the bowl piece and the stem connection piece, each are turned separately.  I started with the back of the head piece which is turned 3.25” in diameter 1.5 in length. This piece is shaped similar to a bowl, a straight side to .75” then rounds down to 1” with a 1/8” deep x 1” wide tenon at the base.   Hollow the center to 1/8” thickness.  The cone is hollowed to 1/8” thickness and starts out 2” in diameter, tapers down to 1.25 comes back up to 2” for 1/8” then up to 3.25” to fit the back piece, making a tenon to be inserted into the back head piece. Drill five small holes in center of cone for the speaking holes.  CA glue to the back piece.  The connection piece is a balloon shape 1.25” in length, plus a .25” tenon, cut the width to fit the cut in the stem.  Drill a hole in the middle to fit and insert the brass pin. Test this piece to be sure it moves up and down before inserting into the back head piece and gluing. If it doesn’t, sand where needed to allow it to move.  You will want this piece to fit snug, so it doesn’t flop up and down.

The Receiver is three pieces; the main body of the receiver, the cap piece and the plug for the cord.  I actually turned this plug at the same time I turned the one for the base. The main body of the receiver is hollow and shaped like a cone the overall receiver measures 4.75” in length x 2.5” in diameter at the largest part.  There is a flat bead for .5” at the top portion of the receiver then it tapers down to 1” with a 1.5” round over or bead on the top piece. (Which is smaller than a real phone but I had to make it fit the drop hook.  I had made three drop hooks before I finally got one that would work for me and wasn’t going to make another. So I made the top of the receiver fit the drop hook). Drill a hole to fit the plug in the top portion of the main body to receive the plug and cord. The cap is concave and 1/8” thick with a 1/4 “tenon that inserts into the main body of the receiver.  Be sure all parts fit before applying CA glue to attach each piece.