Non Linier Gizmo for introduction of the curviness
© Walt Nollan

How's that for a title?  Took me a while to think of that.  OK!  I was requested to show how I made the overlapping scrolls.  I started out with 3/4" MDF to make 4 templates.  Also 3 stacks of 30 pieces of contrasting wood, Lyptus, Walnut and Paduck.  Each piece is 2"x2"x3/8".  From my drawing I determined that I needed a 4" diameter arc for the scrolls.  From doing many years of flat work, as most of us have, I know any imperfection in the template would be transferred to my wood.  So after cutting the arc's on a band saw I sanded them using a drum sander and by hand to finesse the curves on all four pieces.  They have to be perfect!  I then added support strips and a holding clamp so every piece will be cut in the same place every time.




Then it a matter of drawing the first arc's on all the pieces and cut close to them with a scroll saw.  Once all the pieces are cut it is time to route the pieces using the templates.  Then clean each piece of clingons and glue them all up.  I made a glue jig for that.  I held each glued up piece for about 30 second to let the glue set and then taped them up.  No clamps just tape pulled tight.  Note.  The segmented plexi-glass thing my LOML gave for Christmas 5 years ago finally got used, as a clean work surface





Once all the pieces are dried the process starts all over but using the other two templates.  Which have the supports relocated about 5/16" south.  Then they are cut on the scroll saw, routed, cleaned and glued up in the same manner.  When done I end up with what you see in picture #2 below. 

Then the process starts all over two more times only the pieces are flipped to get the arc's going in the opposite direction





When done you end up with pic #1 below.  Then cut the pieces with the require angel and glue up pairs, quads, halfs and the whole thing.  Then glue it to the bowl and Wa La!  Hope that explains it for you.  It was quite an undertaking but I think it was well worth it.  I've got another design rolling around in my head.  One of these days I'll put it to wood!





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