By Don Davis

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Diameter of lower part of hat needs to be at least 1-1/8” to get this taper. Make the brim whatever thickness you like.


Top tenon was just to give me a place to hang the hat. Notice that I hollowed out the bottom of the hat so I could tilt it over slightly, Size of tenon is whatever you like. I think I actually used about 1/2”.

Bottom tenon is approximately 3/4” dia. or can be slightly larger.


Size top opening to match whatever diameter you turned the tenon on the bottom of the head.

Bottom tenon is approximately 1-1/4” dia.

Arms are just twigs snipped off whatever kind of tree or bush you have handy. I just drilled holes a bit snug and inserted the arms without glue so they are replaceable.

Hollow both lower sections out to whatever is comfortable for you. I used a forstner bit to open the centers and set the depth for each section.


Size top opening to match the diameter you turned the tenon on the middle section.

Bottom tenon is about 1-1/4”. You can size it whatever you need, as you will be cutting it off. (I used a jam chuck and a very light touch.)


I turned my snowman box out of American Holly, except for the hat which was from a scrap of Maple. I finished the snowman parts with spray lacquer because it would tint the wood much less than a varnish.

The nose was turned down from the Maple scrap and colored with an orange Sharpie marker.

The eyes, mouth, and buttons are just painted on with some black acrylic hobby paint, which I also used to paint the hat. It took several coats on the hat because the end grain will soak up much more paint.

The tenons were turned to a depth of between 1/8” and 1/4” and gently clamped in the chuck jaws in order to not damage them.

I worked from the bottom up, turning and hollowing the lowest piece then using it as a guide to establish the diameter of the tenon on the middle section.Then did the same to create the head. You may wish to scale it up.

The size I made was dictated by the size of the blank I had available and I would have liked the “box” bottom to have been somewhat larger.