Vacuum Chuck Body Construction
© 2013 Peter Fabricius Hanover, Ontario

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1. Cut and mount a SQUARE hardwood blank (1.5 – 2” thick) sized to fit the PVC pipe you intend on using, then round the blank. photo 1
2. Drill the blank and then Tap with a Beall Wood Tap in the size to fit your Lathe Spindle. photo 2
3. Shape the back of the blank to fit your Lathe Spindle and apply a finish, oil/wax or a Tung Oil seem to work well to seal the blank. photo3
4. Remove the blank from the Chuck and mount on the Spindle using the threads that you just cut. Face off the front of the blank and cut a recess to fit the PVC pipe you are using for this Vacuum Chuck. Apply a finish to seal the wood but do not get any finish in the groove that you cut for the PVC pipe. photo 4
5. Mount the PVC pipe in a 4 Jaw Chuck and true up the back edge (the one that will fit in the wood base. Also cut two shallow grooves in the PVC pipe so when this section is fitted in the wood base the Epoxy will have a better grip on the PVC pipe.

After setting the PVC pipe in the wood base and letting the Epoxy cure, you will need to true up the front edge of the PVC and also round over the edge so you will get a better fit for the Silicone Seal.


Your Chuck is ready to use, good luck.

Note: PVC pipe that works well is 3”, 2” and 1.5” sizes