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It all started with a kind, retired friend who enjoyed teaching others about woodworking and woodturning. He recognized a spark of interest in me and invited myself, along with others, to come over and turn a pen. Fortunately only one other person showed up and he had to leave after an hour. This provided some individual one on one instruction that was the handle to an extremely large door of opportunity.

The next stage of my journey included a table top mini-lathe and band saw. I would cut small pieces of wood and turn them with a few tools at the kitchen table. At the same time, I joined the local woodturning club and received much needed instruction and eventually the donation of a lathe upgrade. Around this time I was teaching an instrument ground class for my company’s flight school. I had two students in that class that would help continue my development.

These two students have become close friends. One was a colleague from work and the other, her husband, was a wood artist and sculptor. While they were out on assignment for the company, I was given full use of Harry’s studio. I honed my turning skills, roughing out and finishing many bowls. Upon their return, Harry provided guidance and knowledge, along with a friendship that has been invaluable.

My work has evolved to include off the lathe design and sculpting. Although the lathe is critical for what I want to accomplish, it is not the end all. There is a constant challenge to provide a pleasing, well balanced form while providing a visual journey through the positive and negative space. I’m continually excited about my work as I pursue more ideas, some following a more simple line and others involving great detail.

My work has been involved with local gallery and corporate displays. It has also appeared on the various woodturning websites, displayed in past AAW instant galleries, and critiqued at the 2005 AAW symposium. I am honored to have been selected into the 2005 “Re-turn to the Land of Oz” and the 2006 “Step Up to the Plate” AAW juried exhibitions.

I can be contacted via email at ce560man@yahoo.com

Maple, Turned and Carved
4.5” High x 7” Wide
Curly Maple, Turned and Carved
6.5” High x 7.5”H
Collaborative work with Molly Winton
Cherry, Turned, Carved and Burned
4.5” High x 8.5” Wide
Collaborative work with Molly Winton
Cherry, Turned, Carved and Burned
4.5” High x 8.5” Wide
Walnut, turned and carved
7” High x 9” Wide
“Memories of the Past, Dreams of the Future”
2006 AAW “Step Up to the Plate”
Walnut, Turned and Carved
9.5” High x 6” Wide
Group Photo
Untitled 1, Cascade, & Directions
Natural Edge Spalted, Burl Maple
6” High x 8” Wide
Maple Turned, Carved Ipe Legs
8” High x 4” Wide
2005 AAW “Re-Turn to the Land of Oz”
Cherry, Multi-axis turned, carved
8” High x 6” wide

Walnut, Turned and Carved
Approximately 18” High
Wall Sculpture, non-turned
Ipe Burl, Carved
24” High x 16” Wide


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