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I was born in City Island, NY in 1953. My father was a shop teacher, and a very gifted craftsman. I was always surrounded by furniture that he had made, and came to appreciate the quality and attention to detail to be found in his work. My mother was a full time mom, who provided a great environment to grow up in. While I was still very young my father decided to try his hand in business. He bought a ship yard, always a dream of his, and dove into his new job with much enthusiasm. Living on an island and having a father, who owned a ship yard, made for a wonderful childhood. I spent a great part of my childhood years fishing and boating. After many years at the ship yard we moved to Connecticut and my father went back to teaching. My parents always made time for my sisters and I, and I couldn’t ask for a better childhood.

While I always appreciated fine woodworking I was more involved with art, music. And even though my father was a shop teacher, I only took shop one semester in junior high school. I dabble in photography, and build custom fishing rods. I build computers, and design web sites, although I currently don’t have one my self.
After high school, I went on to collage studying marine biology. Then it was off to work. I now own a small business out on the eastern end of long island in New York.

In October of 2002 I received a call from my father inviting me to go to Yale University art gallery. On display at that time was a show called "Woodturning in North America since 1930". For my first introduction to woodturnig I was exposed to the work of Ed Moulthrup, Jack Straka, Alan Stirt, David Elswoth, Dell Stubbs, Dale Nish, Rude Osolnik, John Jordon, Jerry Glaser, and many, many, many more. My head was spinning by the time I left that show. By January of 2003 I had my first lathe, an inexpensive machine from harbor freight. I gave that first lathe after six month, to someone just starting out, and bought a much better one, that I can grow with. I also have a small lathe to teach on. I am now entering my third year of woodturning. Back in 2003 I had no idea that seeing that show would have such an impact on my life. Thanks Dad.

I am essentially self taught. I have been greatly influenced by the many great turners that so generously share there work and knowledge, at symposiums and on the internet. Great sites like Woodturners Resource, Wow and Wood Central, have been invaluable to my turning career. I haven’t found what you might call my signature style yet. I am not sure that I want specialize at this time. I enjoy the diversity, and each piece is a new challenge. I love the problem solving. I get a real kick out of discovering ways to overcome design problems.

  Box Elder Natural Edge Bowl
7” x 6.5”. Lacquer finish.
  Brown Mallee Bowl
7” x 3.5”. Lacquer finish
  Cedar Bowl
11” x 3”, about 1/8” thick.
Wipe on poly finish
  Cocobolo Box
Maple lid with Cocobolo finial.
6” x 3” Lacquer finish.
  Eucalyptus Natural edge bowl
10” x 7” x 2” Lacquer finish.
Big leaf Maple, turned, carved, and burned. Waterlux original finish. 4” x 5”
  Maple Burl Hollow Form - 9”x7”
Finished with wipe on poly.
Mahogany and Eucalyptus lid.
  Orange Agate Beaded Bowl. 6” x 3.5”
No finish, just wax and buffing.
Spalted Maple Hollow form with Ziricote rim.
7” x 6”  Inside finished with ValOil, and outside finished with CA glue.
  Spalted Maple Hollow form with Ebony finial. - 8.5” x 5” Lacquer finish
  Square Turned Vase
7.5” x 5” Lacquer finish.
  "One, Two, Three"
One- 5.5”x3.5” Maple,
finished with wipe on poly
Two-9”x4.5”. Guariuba wood.
Finish Lacquer.
Three- 8.5”x3”. Spalted Birch.
Waterlox gloss finish.

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