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I was born in Dallas Texas in 1957. I attended Sam Houston State University on a football scholarship where I graduated with a degree in marketing. My professional career started in Houston. I did a short stint in Louisiana before moving to Nashville Tennessee in 1984. I live in Brentwood Tennessee (a suburb of Nashville) with my beautiful wife and four wonderful children. I recently jumped off of the corporate ladder and currently work in sales in the resort industry.

I began my fascination with woodworking in general at a very early age. My projects usually included simple furniture designs that were rarely perfect. As my children became more active, my available time for woodworking began to diminish.

In 2004, by chance, I picked up a book on woodturning that was part of a Time Life series on woodworking that was given to me by my in-laws in 1993. The book featured John Jordan who happens to be one of the worlds most recognized and talented woodturners…and is from Antioch, TN; just a stones throw from where I live. As I had never even seen a wood lathe before, I decided to take a basic bowl turning class at my local Woodcraft store. That was all it took. I was hopelessly addicted to this wonderful craft. I bought a cheap lathe (since upgraded) and spent virtually every available minute working on my skills.

Shortly thereafter, I joined my local woodturning club, The Tennessee Association of Woodturners. At my first meeting, I was “snookered” into becoming the librarian for the club. As it turns out, that one move probably did more to accelerate my abilities as a woodturner than anything, as I always had first choice for any of the books or videos that were in the library. Believe me, I read every book and watched every video…most more than once. My passion for woodturning was (and is) on fire.

I have been awarded two TAW educational scholarships and have had two of my works featured on the front page of the WOW website. In addition to the TAW, I am also an active member of the American Association of Woodturners.

I have been working with wood in some form or fashion for more than 30 years. Although my woodturning experience is in its relative infancy, I can say that without question, turning wood has become my addiction, my passion and an extremely large part of my life.

For me, woodturning is the great escape. When I stand at my lathe with a 50 pound hunk of wood whirling around at great speed, I am able to forget about the day to day struggles that we all endure and focus completely on the task at hand.

For the most part, my raw materials are rescued from the fire pit or the dump. My wood comes from building sites or trees that have been downed or damaged in storms. I take great satisfaction in using the remnants of what was once a living majestic tree that may have been around for hundreds of years and somehow paying homage to its life through my art.

My inspiration comes from objects that surround all of us in everyday life. I constantly evaluate texture, color, pattern, shape and form in the most obscure of items that most of us take for granted. I learn from these observations and try to create my art utilizing these valuable lessons.

Most of the work that I create is one of a kind. Very seldom to I create utilitarian objects. I am not a production woodturner by any means. I strive for complete harmony in grain, color, shape and testure.

Although most of my current work can be considered classic, simple and pure in form and design, I will continue to grow as a woodturning artist and develop new means of expression in woodturned art.

My website can be found at http://www.turningsbyjerry.com


  6.5h x 6.5w
Spalted Maple with Padauk collar
  4h x 3.75w
Bocote lidded box
  10h x 6.5w
Spalted Maple hollow form with ebonized Walnut cap and Maple finial
  11.75h x 7w
natural edge Cedar flower
  7.5h x 5.5w
Spalted Box Elder hollow form. This piece was featured on the front page of the WOW website
  10.5h x 8w
bleached and sandblasted ash vessel with ebonized walnut top and redwood finial. This piece was also featured on the front page of the WOW website
  8.5h x 6w
cherry ginger jar
  12h x 8.75
Mulberry hollow form with textured Cherry collar
8.75h x 5.75w
Spalted Maple vase with natural voids
  8.75h x 5.75w
Cherry vessel with carved rim

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