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While in high school I turned a pair of walnut candlesticks as a woodshop project. I watched the form of each candlestick develop as piles of shavings grew around me. The intoxicating scent of black walnut filled the air. A film of French polish applied to the revolving pieces seemed to bring the swirling grain to life. Something inside of me came alive too…..I had discovered a passion for woodworking that would endure for a lifetime.

Immediately after graduating, I received employment in a large cabinetmaking shop. I was assigned mostly menial tasks, from stacking lumber to sweeping the floors. I started at the bottom, but I had no intention of staying there. I studied the master woodworkers. I observed how they sharpened their tools. I listened to their finely tuned hand planes as they effortlessly produced translucent ribbons of wood. I asked annoying questions, and I watched. And I learned. I took pieces of scrap wood home after work and I practiced. I read every book on woodworking and design I could find.

I eventually became assistant to the company President, where I was responsible for designing and building prototype furniture pieces, and the jigs and fixtures required to put them into production. I was granted several design and utility patents for this work. I was also responsible for training new employees and overseeing production in the shop. I later began my own custom furniture business. Gradually, my interests have evolved from making functional furniture pieces to creating artistic wood turnings. Working at my lathe gives me a great sense of freedom; and allows me to explore my creative side. I expect my work to reflect my experience as a cabinetmaker as well as a woodturner, and I strive to create bold, dynamic pieces that reveal a small part of me.

My wood turning career continues to lead me in new and sometimes unexpected directions. I believe… the best is yet to come.


yellowheart, wenge, padauk, maple, black veneer

Leap of Faith
mahogany 7"x7"
featured in "500 Wood Bowls"
winner, Niche award, 2005
A Winter Rose
holly, ebony, cherry burl
6.5" H
Small treasures exhibit, Niche award finalist, 2006
Snow clouds
Small Treasures exhibition, del Mano Gallery
spalted maple and ebony
holly and ebony
12.5" tall.
Twisted Sisters
purpleheart, buckeye burl, holly, pink ivory
8" H
Exhibition: Contemporary American Woodturners
suspended hollow form
cherry burl and ebony

Hook, Line and Sinker
6 1/2" diameter
cherry, holly, ebony
Exhibition: SOFA, NY


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