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Raised in Duluth, MN, tools and mechanical objects have fascinated me since I was a little kid, rummaging through a kitchen drawer exploring pliers, files, and screwdrivers. Wherever I lived, I always had a shop space of some kind, at least a workbench and a few basic tools. Never went to college or pursued a career, my life has been a patchwork of blue-collar jobs and away-from-the-norm experiences.

My most interesting job, starting in '95 was as shop manager for Morgan Drums, a small company handcrafting mostly African-style percussion drums. Here, I spent countless hours on a 24" swing Oliver patternmaker's lathe, rendering heavy log sections between 12 and 20" diam. and 20-40 inches long into various types of hand drums. I continue with the company on an occasional consultant basis, and have branched off with my own woodturning, toolmaking, and webmastering "irons in the fire". In addition to my own site, I'm the webmaster for theCoulee Region Woodturners of SW Wisconsin and also am currently working on Jamie Donaldson's site.

My other activities include metalworking (making woodturning tools and accessories for fun and a little profit); "geeking around" on computers running Macintosh, Windows and Linux; and reselling tools/shop items on ebay. For the last 22 years I've resided in a little unincorporated village between Madison and La Crosse, WI, an area of the Kickapoo Driftless Region lush with vegetation, wildlife, and interesting people. My immediate surroundings provide all the raw material I need for my craft, and I feel very lucky.



  Box Elder Ornament, done with the inside/out turning technique. 2 1/4" diam., 7" high.   Chestnut lidded box, with Holly rim insert. 3" diam., 4" high.  
  "Flame finial"
Spalted Maple box, curly Oak finial. 3" diam., 4 1/2" high. In the collection of Jamie Donaldson.
Spalted Birch box with locking dovetail lid. Owner: Lee Goehring.
Oak vase, Inside/Out turning. 2 1/4" diam., 10" tall.
  "Sphere of Wellness"
Eccentrically turned paperweight, of Elm and Camphor. 3 1/2" diam. at base, 6 1/2" tall.
  "Chocolate Drop"
Walnut lidded box, with Spalted Maple rim insert. 3" diam., 4" high.
  Winged Vase, turned from a forked branch of Spruce. 7" across the wings, 7" high.  
"Executive Box"
Lidded box of White Oak, with locking dovetail lid. 4" square, 1" high.
  Lidded box of Smooth Sumac, 3 1/4" high, 2" diam.
Gift to Marlene, a family friend.
  Ash Vase
Turned for the WR Winter '06 Square Element challenge, the opening is square-shaped when viewed from above. In the collection of Chris Wright.
  Walnut lidded box, Holly egg finial and inserted rim. Donated to the Katrina Relief Auction at www.woodcentral.com, ending at $100.00! Thanks to Dan Bailey, the new owner.  

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