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Phil & Mary Bock

Phil is the leader and sweeping up shavings specialist; his wife, Mary, is
the unpaid assistant, woodturner, secretary, and whatever else needs to be
done. We work with a variety of tools, most of them passed on to us from
Phil's father, Roger. Many of the benches and tables, as well as the lathe
itself, are on custom stands as Phil is 6' 10". The normal bench and table
height does not work well for him. This does pose a challenge, usually met
with milk crates, for Mary who is 5' 4".

The lathe was acquired by Roger while Phil was still in high school. It was
quite old, even then. It is a Craftsman with about nine inch swing. It also
has an outboard capacity that we have not used in years because of the tool
rest issues. It has stepped pulleys that provide four turning speeds. The
motor sits on the bottom shelf of a stand that the previous owner built.
The shop itself is called a two car garage in the blueprints but we don't
think it has ever seen the wheels of a car.

We enjoy turning as both an outlet for creative juices and a stress relief.
It is amazing how much @#$%>? can flow away when you start throwing wood
shavings around. We like to make useful things that have an artistic feel to
them. We have just really gotten into hollow turning and will go down that
road to wherever it may lead.

We both look forward to the monthly meetings of our woodturning assoc. It is
great to share all the knowledge but it is even better to share all the
friends we have made. We are member of the AAW and Antelope Valley Woodturners Association.


  Our most recent work, a nine inch bowl turned green from Ash kindly provided by Chris   A conical bowl we made with aromatic cedar. We have tried a number of things with this
wood and this is one of the few bowls that survived life on the lathe.
  The first bowl we ever made. It is a five inch bowl made from Bocote.   A piece we made as part of a desk set. Meant to hold paper clips or other junk on a desk
top. Made from Cocobolo, it is about three inches.
  Mary liked the idea of a perfume spray for her purse so we made this from Maple.   Part of a desk set, this is a four inch clock made with Purpleheart.  
  This is a desktop weather station we made for an MDA fund raiser. It is a disk of cherry
with a clock, a hygrometer, a thermometer, and a barometer in it.
  A pair of candlesticks we made from Olive. There was a rustic southwestern theme that we
made these to complement.
  These candlesticks were made as a gift to match the rosewood a relative had in their
  These are basting brushes and dusting brushes we have made for sale and gifts. We enjoy
making delightful and useful things but people tend to put them where they can look at them
but they feel guilty using them.
  These are perfume atomizers we made with Bocote, Purpleheart, and Zebrawood      

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