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Terry is pictured here with a large piece he made, which has subsequently been gifted to the Pullman Centre in Papakura, the site on which it is built, having originally been the site where the timber grew some 1200 years previous.

I began turning six years ago as a hobbyist turner after going to a piece of land to cut some firewood. I came across a stern elderly gentleman loading my Puriri tree earmarked for firewood onto a truck. After inquiring what he thought he was doing with my tree, he replied, "Firewood be damned! This makes excellent turning timber." I ended up going along to the next guild meeting and so my love and addiction to woodturning evolved.

The standard, utilitarian pieces I conventionally made became tiresome and lacked challenges and thus I started experimenting with texture and color on artistic forms. The question "Is that made from wood?" is often posed due to the predominant use of techniques that disguise the wood’s natural appearance. Large, out of balance pieces are a specialty as I enjoy stretching the boundaries of my turning skill. Recent innovations include a range of thin walled, pierced and carved pieces, which are adorned by twists and spires.

More of Terry's work can be found on his web page at:

http://www.sawg.org.nz/Galleries/members galleries/terry scott/terrys home page.htm


My latest piece, stands 250mm high turned to 2 mm, finished with 6 coats of microtone stain in various colours another of my pierced creations copper ,brass leaf and acid washed
  This hollow form is made from Pinus Radiata, and has had extensive carving applied to it. It is finished in acrylic and lacquer This piece is 450mm (18:" high and 180mm (9") diameter   This piece has been hollowed and carved, a similar concept to Terry's "Snake & Lace" piece. this piece is 220 (9") diameter and 200mm (8") high It is made from Kauri and coloured with Acrylics  
  Deer antler button boxes
Ebony finials made from piano keys
1st for lidded boxes Franklin arts
  "Black Swirl"
This piece is made from English Plane, Hand carved and then colour with acrylics Followed by 20 coats of lacquer to give depth to the piece . The piece is 225mm diameter and 160mm high.
  Coolabah burl called the three bears , centre saved with a Kelton centre saver the largest bowl is 450dia x 120mm high , a never to be seen again burl
1st prize for bowls over 250mm 2001
  "Leather and time"
MDf 650mmdia Finished with acrylic paints and lacquer the finish felt and looked like leather
Highly Commended Engineered wood National wood skills
  "Dancing people"
This Hollow form is made from Monterey Pine, being textured, before being embellished with Acrylics and copper leaf. Average wall thickness is less than 5 mm (1/4 inch)
This piece is 250mm high and 200 mm in diameter
  "From The fire"
This natural edged bowl is made from New Zealand Totara, The piece is 600 mm diameter and stand 200 mm high
  "Kauri and Maple"
A 600 mm Platter (24 inches) in New Zealand Ancient Kauri, decorated with the National Flower of Canada. It is embellished with Brass leaf and acrylic
2nd platters and bowls Franklin arts 2002
  "An Age gone by"
The Ancient Kauri used in this 700mm (12 inch) platter is in excess of 1200 years old. This piece is embellished with Copper Leaf, Acrylics and Verdigris effect shoe nugget and lacquer
  "Kava Time"
This piece is approximately 1000mm x 650mm (40 inches x 26 inches) and is made from Ancient Kauri. The entire back of the piece is textured in a Koru pattern mirror of the face using a Pyrograhy technique, and the front contains inlays of Polynesian Tapa Cloth. A truly South Pacific piece. Turned in one piece and carved .Best of show Franklin arts
The spoon was carved using the of cut from one edge Best of show Franklin Arts
  "Kina form"
Inspired by the local "Sea Egg" or Kina, this piece is 150mm in diameter (6 inches) and is made from New Zealand Kauri, stained and decorated with Acrylics and oils
  A native of Australia, the Mallee Bur is famous for its rich reds and pale outer edges. The bowl in this piece is approximately 400mm (16inches)   The Burl used here could not be identified, but the use of Blue stain has bought this rather light specimen to life
This piece is 250 mm (10") diameter and 200mm (8") high. The wall thickness is 2mm (3/32)
  "Rimu Root Bowl"
Beauty by Simplicity. This exceptionally turned bowl accentuates the natural beauty of one of New Zealand's premiere turning woods
This piece is 500 mm (20") diameter and 120 mm (5") high
  "Rimu Natural Cut Platter"
This piece won its class at the TURNZ National Competition at Tokoroa in 2003. It is approximately 600mm square (24")
I turned this piece leaving the chainsaw marks on its surface ,turned out to be a nice effect
  "Rose Decorated Kauri Platter "
Another fine example of a platter from Terry, this time the rim is decorated with carved roses and has had a copper verdigry effect over Copper Leaf. This piece is 700mm Dia (28")
  "Tri Textures"
Ancient Kauri
This play on words captures the effect of the three different surface finishes employed to give the piece a fabricated look while it remains a single piece construction
  "Imperial Presence"
This impressive piece is made from Ancient Kauri, Teak Copper and Gold leaf and acrylic, Featuring intricate Piercing of Celtic design , and measures 1100 mm Long (44") by 650 mm (26") Wide

This piece tested all my skills both with the chisel and artistically. To turn the wings I had to under strut the back with 2x1 and hot melt glue. While turning this piece a noise like a helicopter could be heard as I had to turn as fast as I dared about 100 revs at the spindle

  "Coolabah Burl Bowl"

This piece measures 400 mm (16") Diameter and Stands 200 mm (8")High and has been finished with 20 coats of Danish oil ,sitting on 3 carved feet it appeared to float through the air


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