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"My philosophy has always been to work in harmony with our environment and not to destroy something to create something. In all my art, I use only recycled and easily sustainable woods. Being able to create meaningful work from a renewable resource such as wood is very fulfilling. Being conscious of this has allowed me to work with the subtle beauty and dimension this discarded wood possesses.

My intent as an artist is to express my feelings about nature, my family and natural processes - issues that relate directly to me such as the birth of my children. I work in series or bodies of work, which allow me to explore these issues in depth within the context of that particular body of work. Throughout the creative process I am continually reminded that I have not and will not ever be content. I will continue to create and strive for that body of work that has yet to be conceived."

Trent Bosch has been woodturning professionally for the past 16 years. He began exploring the art of woodturning while pursuing a Fine Arts degree from Colorado State University. Since graduating, he has fully devoted his efforts into creating one of a kind sculptural woodturnings. He also has a love for teaching, sharing the knowledge and techniques he has developed freely with others. His work is displayed in numerous fine art galleries, the permanent collections of museums and craft centers as well as in many private collections worldwide. Trent has taught and demonstrated his techniques for turning and sculpting wood throughout the United States and abroad.

Trent also makes and sells his own line of excellent tools for hollowing vessels as well as videos teaching his techniques. To see more of his work, check out his tools or to see a list of workshops & demonstrations Trent will be teaching, visit his website:



Aperture Series Cactus Vessel
Vessels of Illusion Kailee Series
Landscape Series Relationships Series
Self-portrait 1 Self-potrait 2
Sienna Series Treden Series

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