Hello everyone,

  My name is Brian Higgins, I'm 30 years old, and live in the North Ga. mountains, with my wife and son. I have enjoyed woodworking all my life, including all the years I didn't even have any tools. I know that may sound strange, but I was the kid who watched Norm on Saturdays instead of cartoons. Norm turned me on to the craft, and I was always intrigued when he brought out the turning tools. After I got married and settled down, we bought a house with an unfinished basement, and the tool collecting began. And while I started with the basics like a tablesaw, miterbox, bandsaw, etc.. the idea of having a lathe stayed in my mind. I knew I wanted one, but I didn't know why. I was perfectly content with building cabinetry and furniture, including my sons crib, dresser,  & toy box, as well as our bedroom suite. Finally on my 24th birthday my wife surprised me with a lathe. I was immediately hooked, but quickly out grew it. So on my next birthday I upgraded to a larger one, that I still use today. It is not a very expensive one, but I have used it to the best of my abilities. As it turns out my wife's great uncle also turns. He keeps his Jet1642 under a covered porch, but in the winter time it gets to stay at my house. I am fortunate to have access to a quality machine when I need it. And while I do turn solid wood, the idea of incorporating my other tools, lead me to segmenting, which I have found to be the most gratifying.  I love segmented turning, open and closed forms, because of the sheer amount of possibilities inherent with it. I have also started experimenting with marquetry, and a little bit of carving and pyrography as well. So with all the options for shape, wood choice, and embellishments, I doubt I'll get bored anytime soon. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to keep an open mind.



Photo 1

85 pieces, walnut and poplar, 12 in diameter.

Photo 2

Box elder, 7in diameter, deft spray on lacquer.

Photo 3

90 pieces of radiata pine, mahogany, and cherry.

Photo 4

85 pieces of purpleheart, curly maple, and canarywood. normally my rings each have 12 pieces, but the bottom ring on this one has 48.

Photo 5

14 inches in diameter, and have 60 pieces of walnut, radiata pine, oak, purpleheart, knotty alder, and poplar.

Photo 6

22 pieces of pupleheart, paduk, canarywood inlay with curly maple circles. 9in.x2in.

Photo 7

Purpleheart, paduk, canarywood, spalted sycamore.

Photo 8

14 inches in diameter. 67 pieces of poplar, walnut, curly maple, bloodwood, oak, and mahogany.

Photo 9

Purpleheart vase with diamonds. 130 pieces.

Photo 12

Cherry and poplar, 9in.x9in. 157 pieces.

Photo 11

109 pieces radiata pine, walnut, and paduk.

Photo 10

233 pieces of poplar, purpleheart, curly maple, and walnut. 9in wide x 7in tall.