Larry & Carol

            I was born in 1945 on a ranch in Montana.  I guess you could say I was born and raised in Big Sky Country.  I met my lovely wife Carol at the University of Montana.  After graduating from the University of Montana I joined the U.S. Army as a 2LT and went to flight school to fly helicopters.  I served in Viet Nam, Texas, Georgia, Germany and Kentucky.  After my obligation was up I got out of the Army and went back to Montana.  I joined the National Guard and continued to fly until 1996.  I then joined the Army Reserves and retired as a Colonel in 2005.  When I got out of the Army I went back to the University of Montana to graduate school.  I then taught art for 15 years and became an administrator for 10 years retiring in 2005.  I have three wonderful children, who after graduating from college scattered like a covey of quail.  They now live in Montana, Virginia and Georgia. I am also blessed with 5 superb grandchildren.  I promised my southern raised spouse that when I retired we would move to the south.  In 2004 on the way to Florida to buy a home we drove through Mississippi and fell in love with south Mississippi.  Bought our retirement home in 2004 and retired in 2005.  We always say that we didn't choose Mississippi, Mississippi chose us.
            I have always done some kind of wood working.  My first turning experience came in 1958 when I took a wood shop class.  I still have my first projects, a ships wheel clock and lamp.  My uncle gave me a Montgomery Wards turning lathe that he had in his wood shed and an old set of tools.  I used that lathe and those tools for 50 years.  I still have the lathe and use those old tools.  I was taught to round square stock with a skew.  I still do not have a roughing gouge.  I could not do bowls with my old lathe but I made a lot of spindles.  I attempted to adapt faceplates to this old ½ inch lathe spindle but I could not make it work, too much wobble.  My wife noticed my frustration, she wanted some wooden bowls, so she bought me a Jet 1642VS.  I have been having a great time ever since.  For my 65th birthday this wonderful lady bought me a 30 X 30 foot shop.  When we are not traveling I spend most of every day piddling in my shop.   
            I am honored that y’all have asked me to be the featured turner for October.  I must admit I am more then a little intimidated by the wonderful work that I have seen on this site.  I have learned more about turning on this site then any other source.  Thanks for making me feel welcome.




Antler Pen

mule deer antler bullet pen




spalted magnolia 7" X 7"


Bottle Stoppers

magnolia and cherry



redwood first project age 13



Footed compote, magnolia 8" X 5"


Deep Magnolia

magnolia bowl 10" X 9"




red elm, natural edge red elm, magnolia with glass, sweet gum mug



magnolia bowl 14" X 4"


NE Red Elm

natural edge red elm 6" X 4"




pine cone; heart pine and wenge; cherry, purpleheart, wenge



Red Elm

red elm bowls 6" X 3"


Sweet gum

sweet gum bowls 4" X 2" 1/16" thin