Guy Bratt

   Hello everyone.  My name is Guy Bratt.  I live with my wife Jalee and two toy poodles. “Spunky”and “Rosie”.  Spunky curls in my lap every time I sit down.  Rosie takes care of  Jalee all day every day.  We live near Richmond Michigan just south of Lake Huron.  I retired from electrical service and construction in 2009.  The plan was to retire early and take a long trip around the US before Jalee's disability prevented much extended travel.  We didn't win that race.  Never made the trip.  Such is life.
   I've grown up around tools and construction.  My dad left the farm to become a mechanical engineer and contractor.  I had real tools and a work bench by the time I was five.  Still have one of the saw horses dad made for me. Leo [my dad] was always renovating the house, from pouring concrete to building cabinets.  I was there for it all.  When I moved out on my own that life came with me.
   My first experience with the lathe happened in high school.  The lathe instruction was nonexistent.  “Here's a gouge go to it”  I put a spindle between centers and the gouge to the wood....SLAM, POW, WHOA, LOOKOUT!!  I remember grabbing the timber in midair over my head on it's way back down.  I put the gouge away and made a square box.  In the winter of 06-07 I had knee surgery.  During recovery I set up the old Sears Mono tube inherited from my dad.  This is when I heard about Bluewater Area Woodturner's and also learned my next door neighbor was a member.  How's that for coincidence?  “Gary”  is now retired from turning.  He is my mentor and enabler of my addiction. Also he now has well over $1000 of my money and is still selling me stuff.
   I still consider myself a newer turner.  I try every thing.  Pens, bowls, segmenting, off center.  Just haven't found a niche yet.  The old mono tube is in the barn now.  I have a PM 3520B and a Rikon 70-100.
   In 60 years I've participated in many activities.  Sailing, martial arts, cycling, rc planes.  All have been fun.  Right now wood turning fits perfectly.  Thank you for allowing me this moment.

header plate



Padauk,maple,ebony lidded bowl.


Apple made from my apple tree.


Crystal ball.


My first goblet 2007.


Spalted bowl.




Mosquito house.




Eccentric rope and ring puzzle.


Working wooden padlocks.


Assorted ornaments.


Walnut crotch hollow form.