Freddie Hicks

It is an honor  to have been selected as the Featured Artist for the month of March. Wood turners Resource has been very influential in my growth as a wood turner. This site is filled with exceptional wood turners and it is a great benefit to all wood turners as  we share ideas and thoughts and encourage each other.

 I am 53 years old and have lived in Lubbock, Texas for 22 years. I came to Lubbock to work for Lockheed in aircraft maintenance.  Little did I know, this would be my home. I met a wonderful woman, Rosemary, and we married six months later. We will celebrate our 22nd Anniversary in November.  Rosemary is a Registered Nurse and recently earned her Master’s Degree. I have a step-son, Rene Jimenez and a daughter-in-law, Michelle.  They live in San Antonio and have very successful careers.  I love to visit San Antonio and eat their wonderful food and go to Woodcraft. Everyone expects at least one trip to Woodcraft.  Photography has always been a big part of my life and I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and taking pictures of wildlife and flowers. We do a lot of RV traveling and I search for wood everywhere we go. Lubbock Power & Light has been my employer for 14 years and I am an Operations Shift Foreman. LP&L is the only source of electricity for 230,000 people in Lubbock. I oversee the operation of steam and gas turbines and generators.

Woodworking has been part of my life since Junior High when I took Shop. I started woodturning in 1992 when I acquired a new 46-700 Delta lathe. My first endeavors were ink pens and fruit bowls for family and friends. As my skills grew, I started turning segmented pieces which included bowls and vessels. My turnings were entered at local fairs and art contests and I have won numerous awards for my woodturning's. I am a member of AAW and The South Plains Woodturners,our club here in Lubbock. My skills and knowledge have expanded as my interests have varied to ornamental work and mixed-media. Currently I am involved in resin castings and ornamental work on my home made Rose Engine lathe. Building the Rose Engine from scratch was very challenging and a learning experience. The building of the Rose Engine lead to an understanding of machinists techniques and procedures which has increased my skills in woodturning and opened new directions of artistic creations. I look forward to the challenge of creating more artistic pieces as my interest and experience of working with different materials increases.





9” x 3” maple burl buffed oil finish.


Cherry Box

9”x 2” Cherry with corian and bubinga.



mahogany, maple, padauk and black veneer.


Fruit bowl 2

zaricote, mahogany, & padauk 10”.


Fruit Bowl 1

10” dia of blood wood, wenge, & maple.



cherry and red oak.


The Ice Box

maple and a polyester resin casting with rose engine work in the top and bottom. Has a threaded lid.


The Kings Cup

laminated Osage Orange and Quebracho .5” tall and 3 dia with rose engine work on the base and cup rim. Finished with triple thick glaze.



6”x4 Osage orange oil finish, turned off center.


Pecan Natural Edge

has a lacquer finish 7”.



3 to 4 inches in diameter, I made these as an introduction into mixed media and resin casting. Black wood,corian,acrylic,aluminum,brass,and domestic woods.


Touch of Ancestry

9” diameter mulberry with buffed oil finish.