My interest in wood turning came about in a backward way. At the time I was repairing gramophones as a hobby and was in need of some handles in ebony (blackwood) I purchased the wood and a jet 1014 (the first of 6 lathes) to make my own. Having successfully making the needed handles, I found myself being sucked in to the vortex, which there is no escape.

From here I started exploring with different items that could be made on a lathe. After some time of making bowls, pens, baby rattles, and some other items I realized that I either need a bigger house or an outlet to unload them. I also realized I needed a bigger lathe and purchased a jet 1442.  Soon after my lathe upgrade I started selling my turnings at a local farmers market. I found the money taken in would be a good way to supplement my hobby. I'll be heading into my 8th year this spring. Unfortunately after only two years the jet 1442 bit the dust.

I ended up purchasing a nova 1624-44 lathe which I ended up upgrading a few years later to a DVR head.  Having been able to find a nova ornamental turner a couple of years ago and having a extra head stock now, I decided why not ....I bought a new bed to mount the 1624-44 head on and have a dedicated ornamental turner set up.

These days I still dabble with new shapes and forms along with the tried and true items that sell well at the market. As of late I have been incorporating more and more ornamental turning into my pieces. It has become my latest passion in the never ending spinning of the vortex

header plate


Various Bowls

Made out of cherry, sycamore, eastern red cedar, magnolia, and bradford pear.

2 Large Pepper Mills

with matching salt grinders, and 2 salt grinders with laminated colored wood finished in lacquer.


Ornamentally Pepper Mills

Bottoms of pepper mills


Ornamentally Pepper Mills

3 finished pepper mills 2 walnut 1 bradford pear.


Pepper Mills

2 walnut, bradford pear, and one cherry turned offset

Pen & Pencil Sets

Guitar Pen, Tommy Gun, Arizona Silhouettes 2 bottom pens fountain with matching pencil blackwood finished with lacquer

Ice Cream Scoops

Two Scoops

out of blackwood with ornamental turning and 2 oyster knives, one blackwood, one cocobolo.

Small Boxes

blackwood, walnut, sycamore, and elm finished with lacquer.

Small Boxes

Bottom of lids showing ornamental turnings.

Bottle Stoppers

Blackwood with ornamental turning and corkscrews in bocote, bloodwood, rosewood, blackwood, and a maple, oak, walnut laminate.

Bottle Stoppers

Tops of bottle stoppers showing ornamental turning designs.