Zack Morgan

First let me say it is indeed an honor to be selected as the featured turner for this month. I was born in Southwestern Oklahoma where I live today with Judy, my wife of 36 years.  I could not continue this without her help and support. We have one son Cole who is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and works at our local hospital. We will be getting a daughter-in-law in July. The first 4 or 5 years of my life we lived on a farm in SW OK until my father took a job in the oil industry. After stays in Louisiana and Mississippi we returned to OK where my father went to work for a cotton gin supply/repair business which he later bought. When I went to work for my father, at the age of 16, earning $1.25 an hour that was probably the wealthiest I have ever been. Fifty-Two dollar a month pickup payment, 3 squares and roof over my head, had it made and did not know it. After serving some time in the US Army, I went off to college and this is where the woodworking really begins.  I had taken a shop in high school but the cotton gin business had very little call for woodworking skills. By the age of 13,  I could run a metal lathe, weld, cut and fabricate metal. I went to college to rodeo and it just so happened; the rodeo team coach was also a professor in the Industrial Arts Education Department. I think I was the only calf roper hauling down the road with a rope can make out of cherry wood. I finished my college degree with a double major in Industrial Arts Education. My student teaching 30 something years ago turned out to be my last official duty in a furniture or cabinet making teacher. Offered a job teaching math where I stayed until my retirement in June of 2011. I have never lost my love for woodworking especially turning. While working on my masters in Industrial Arts I took all the turning classes offered. Teaching woodworking (shop) classes is a lot about knowing how to fix mistakes so you will not have to throw out the whole project.  I have found those skills learned in the little shop teacher experience I had have been very valuable. Bowls are my favorite thing to turn and at the present time I am playing around with the “bowl from a board” project which I hope to have accomplished soon. When I retired in 2011 put up a 20 x 30 foot building, bought a lathe and went to work.  At that time all I had with the lathe was and a radial arm saw. Now in addition to that I have a 20 inch bandsaw, a 14 inch bandsaw, 8”jointer, 13” plainer, the list keeps getting longer and the vortex deeper. Finding Wood turners resource has been the best thing that could have happened. What I do not know or think I do but really don’t someone on WR has “been there, done that”

Big thanks to all the turners on WR that give of their time and knowledge to make the journey down this vortex more enjoyable. And a special thanks to the administrators for all they do to keep this site running smooth.
Zack Morgan




Razor Stand

Oak, stand & razor handle are figured oak obtained in a wood trade beautiful wood, thanks Rev.  Finish wipe on poly.


Five piece Salad Bowl Set

Mahogany 12” x 4.5 “.  Small bowls are 6” x 3”.  Finish; General salad bow finish. 


Lidded Bowl

8” x 5”.  Three 2 x 4s glued together to form a core with cherry and black walnut laminated to the outside.  This was a project from a shop teacher’s periodical.  I completed it when I was doing my student teaching 30 something years ago.


Salt & Pepper Shakers

Spalted maple.


Natural Edge Mesquite Bowl

minus the natural edge.  The bark did not want to stay on the edge so I took it off.  Finished with wipe on poly.


Seven inch Flower Vase

Pecan & Maple.


Assorted Pens

Most made with wood from SW OK or wood obtained in wood trades.


Spalted Wormy Maple Bowl

8” x 3” ,worm holes filled with brass key shavings. Finished with Danish oil.


Cedar Bowl

6” x 6”. 


Osage Orange Center Piece

10” x 9”.  Made this piece before I had a bandsaw, used a chainsaw to round blanks to put on the lathe.  Got a little happy with the saw and took too much from the bottom so I just made a foot to set it in.  Finished with spray Deft darkened with sunlight.


Cedar Plate

7” x 1” ,finished with wax.


Lace Bark Elm Bowl

7” x 3”.  Turned wet, when dry finished with wipe on poly.