I am honored to have been chosen for this month's featured member.  In fact, when I got the message, I thought maybe it was a fake email.  It's truly an honor to be on this list with the other featured turners here.  I've been married for 21 years to my bride Amy.  Our oldest son Taylor, who is married to Nicole, and they have a son David, and our youngest son is Todd.

I've been told I got my skills from my grandfather.  He was the town carpenter that framed houses in the old days.   When I was a kid, every visit to his house included sneaking into his tools and mostly making curlys with his block plane and holes in the workbench with his drill that had no cord.   In my senior year in high school, they created an extra Woodworking III class for me and a couple of other guys that had taken all of the possible shop classes and still wanted more. In that class, I made my first turning.  It was a gavel made of Pecan, and Mr. Brown, the shop teacher,  thought I had done a good job with it and insisted that I take it to a regional project competition.  To my surprise, it won first place, then it won first place again in the state competition.   Mr. Brown is still teaching shop, and as an IT guy for our local school district, I get to visit with him occasionally and we talk about woodworking projects and ideas, and all the fun we had back then.

Another major influence on my woodworking career and hobby was a guy named Richard Simpson.  He is the dad of my best friend.  He had a shop in his garage and with him, I built a lot of things.  I never really knew just how much these two men taught me, until I got out in the real world and starting making a living in woodworking.

It was a side job refinishing a veneer top coffee table for a friend, that had turned legs, that gave me the idea to maybe get a wood lathe.  To get those legs done, my son Todd spun them between a drill and a nail in the workbench, while I sanded and refinished them.  It's an old Craftsman, made in 1954 by King Seeley.

My other hobbies include guitar.  I'm part of a two man band in my church, and I also have a small giving ministry, of finding old thrown away wood, and making crosses, to just give away.  With the addition of turning, I can always have something just to give away.  I really like seeing people smile when they pick up something I've made and admire it, and I tell them to keep it, it's now theirs.

I like to turn wood that I find.  My favorite is Mesquite ,Juniper, and Elm.  I can't wait till the day I fulfill my promise to my grandson, and teach him how to cut, nail, and turn boards into something he can be proud of, like his Pawpaw does.


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