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2016-11-05 Turning Horn 2
2015-09-14 Wood Hazards for Wood use in Jewelry
2015-04-20 Segment Sanding Jig
2014-10-06 Splitting Segmented Rings
2014-09-28 Homemade Jumbo Cole Jaws
2014-08-18 Emerging Bowl
2013-12-30 Snowman Box
2013-09-02 Vacuum Chuck Body Construction
2013-06-26 Solar Kiln From Virginia Tech
2013-04-19 Casting a small burl
2013-03-16 Segment Calculator for Android
2013-03-05 Out Board Turning Rig
2013-03-05 Vintage Phone Project
2013-03-04 Battling Tops
2013-02-14 Tools and Tips
2012-09-22 Turning Horn Boxes
2012-08-05 DIY - Battery Replacement For Trend ProAirshield
2012-02-03 15 minute Belt Changes on a Jet 1442vs by Jim Dumser
2012-01-08 Bowl Coring by Joe Fleming (PDF)
2011-12-23 Ornamental Lathe (Rose Engine)
2011-12-18 Jet 1442 Belt and Bearing Replacement
2011-10-22 Vacuum Chuck
2011-06-28 Reverse Turning Vases (PDF)
2011-05-06 Making a Bent Dublin Pipe on a Wood Lathe (PDF)
2011-05-01 Making a Mini Texturing Tool
2011-04-03 Using Shellawax On Turned Items
2011-03-22 Turning Segmented Pens
2011-03-13 Alice Heckman's Spatula
2011-03-10 Nova 3000 variable speed conversion
2011-03-06 Making a Miniture Texturing Tool

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