• Bill Pentz Dust Collectors - Cyclones
    Fine dust poses a more serious hazard than most believe. Woodworking makes a huge amount of sawdust. About three pounds in every twenty is airborne dust that takes a while to settle. Roughly one pound in every twenty consists of fine particles that are invisible without magnification.
    Date:2009-03-03, Google PR:3
  • Steady Rest
    Plans for building a Steady Rest for a 10” Mini Lathe by Tom Crosby
    Date:2009-06-17, Google PR:1
  • Dust Cyclone
    How to build a dust cyclone
    Date:2010-07-07, Google PR:0
  • MagSteady
    David Reed Smith Two-wheeled Back Steady can be very useful in suppressing chatter when turning thin spindles. Since it only has two wheels and the Magnetic Base has limited grip, it won’t secure heavy spindles or suppress a catch. However using the Magnetic Base means it can be mounted on the lathe in seconds without even turning the lathe off, and relocated with one hand if needed.
    Date:2009-06-17, Google PR:0
  • Maintance of SuperNova2 Chuck (PDF)
    This guide contains information on how to disassemble your chuck for cleaning and maintenance. The guide starts right from the basic position of the chuck on the lathe; you may wish to skip several steps in order to advance to where you are currently at.
    Date:2010-07-01, Google PR:0
  • Make a Custom Band Clamp
    Bob Hamilton shows us how to make a Custom Band Clamp.
    Date:2008-01-09, Google PR:0
  • 15 minute Belt Changes on a Jet 1442vs by Jim Dumser
    Date:2012-02-03, Google PR:-1
  • DIY - Battery Replacement For Trend ProAirshield
    By Scott Wheeler
    Date:2012-08-05, Google PR:-1
  • Jet 1442 Belt and Bearing Replacement
    PDF written by Bill Bolen
    Date:2011-12-18, Google PR:-1
  • Making a Bent Dublin Pipe on a Wood Lathe (PDF)
    By Todd Harris
    Date:2011-05-06, Google PR:-1
  • Out Board Turning Rig
    Build your own Out Board Rig. By Dave Wendell
    Date:2013-03-05, Google PR:-1
  • Rebuild Airshield Battery Pack
    PDF File
    Date:2011-02-11, Google PR:-1

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