Shop Made Turning Tools
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  • Turning Hollow Vessels by Bill Haskell
    This project is a list of steps to take in turning a vase. The real value in this project is the image of the homemade turning tools at the bottom of the page. If you\'re interested in making your own hand held hollow tools, check it out.
    Date:2009-03-21, Google PR:2
  • Hollowing Tools by Sy Plonsky
    Make Your own Hollowing tools (PDF)
    Date:2009-03-21, Google PR:1
  • Mini Cove Tool
    In this article David Reed Smith shows how to make a Mini Cove Tool.
    Date:2008-01-11, Google PR:1
  • 5 minute Sled by Ron Sardo
    Quick easy way to make a small sled for segmented turnings
    Date:2009-08-08, Google PR:0
  • Build your own Rose Engine - PDF
    From AAW's American Woodturner, Spring 2007
    Date:2010-02-12, Google PR:0
  • D-Drill
    How to make a D-Drill
    Date:2009-05-25, Google PR:0
  • DIY - Wood Burner / Vaporizer
    There are several "Pyrography Systems" (little, variable power, power supply with plug in "pens") you can buy "ready to go out of the box" which will let you scorch or "burn" lines, dots, simple patterns etc. into wood. A boat load of "pens" with an amazing number of "tips" are available for those units. Then there's Graeme Priddle's Wood Vaporizer. He doesn't just scorch, or burn or brand wood - he vaporizes it - in a flash of light and a puff of smoke! No wimpy little power supply and delicate little "pen" with this set up. He starts with a 10 amp, 12 volt, car battery charger and makes his own "pen" and bends pretty heavy duty nichrome wire to make his own tips.
    Date:2010-10-23, Google PR:0
  • How to make a Vacuum Chuck by Ron Sardo
    Here is a very simple set of directions on how to build a vacuum chuck
    Date:2009-05-24, Google PR:0
  • How to turn a tool handle by Bob Hamilton (video)
    Five videos guiding you on making a tool handle
    Date:2009-07-07, Google PR:0
  • Lathe drum sander
    How to turn your lathe into a drum sander
    Date:2011-01-07, Google PR:0
  • Make an Oland Style Tool
    Great for rough turning or even for hollowing. So easy to make. Follow these easy instructions to make your very own. Go to the beginning of the thread for both instructions and pictures.
    Date:2009-07-07, Google PR:0
  • Mark Damron - Toolmaking Skill
    Toolmaking allows woodturner, Mark Damron, to design projects that might otherwise not be possible to make. This video reveals how he approaches wood & his craft.
    Date:2009-03-28, Google PR:0
  • Reversing Switch for variable speed Jet Mini Lathe
    From gulfcoastwoodturners.org (PDF)
    Date:2010-02-21, Google PR:0
  • Sharpening Captive Hollowing Tools tips
    Date:2009-07-07, Google PR:0
  • Shop Made Bottle Stopper Chuck By Dom Greco
    A PDF on how to build a bottle stopper chuck/mandrel
    Date:2009-06-20, Google PR:0
  • Spiraling Texturing Tool
    Shop Built Spiraling Texturing Tool
    Date:2010-03-21, Google PR:0
  • Steel Snake by Mike Baber
    For Hollow Forms
    Date:2009-04-24, Google PR:0
  • Supported boring bar setup by Steven Antonucci
    Easy to build hollowing system
    Date:2009-07-07, Google PR:0
  • Woodturning Chisels You Can Make
    In this Article Jon Siegel shows how to Make and Heat Treat your own Turning Tools.
    Date:2008-01-23, Google PR:0
  • 3 Wheeled Steady Rest by Dominic Greco
    PDF File
    Date:2011-02-11, Google PR:-1
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