Between Centers

  • FEWS Toothpick Holder
    A short video a Stu demonstrating how to make a toothpick holder.
    Date:2008-07-02, Google PR:2
  • Turning an inside-out ornament
    Turn an inside-out ornament with a Christmas tree inside - by Larry Marley

    File Size / Length:
    Web Page Video
    Date:2008-01-17, Google PR:2
  • Video: How To Turn Coves and Beads on Bedposts, Table Legs, and Chairs
    How to lay out and turn beads and coves used in furniture. How to draw guides, uses calipers, parting tools, and how to work with a skew or spindle gouge.
    Date:2009-03-28, Google PR:2
  • Curly Maple Pen
    Turn a Curly Maple Pen - by Larry Marley

    File Size / Length: Web Page Video
    Date:2008-01-18, Google PR:1
  • Turning a Scoop.
    Web Page Video
    Date:2008-08-20, Google PR:1
  • Turning goblets
    Turning a goblet from a single piece of wood - by Larry Marley

    File Size / Length:
    Web Page Video
    Date:2008-01-17, Google PR:1
  • Christmas Bell Ornament Project
    Turn a multi-piece Christmas Bell Ornament - by Larry Marley

    File Size / Length:
    Web Page Video
    Date:2008-01-17, Google PR:0
  • Turning a Hollow Egg
    Turn a Hollow Egg with a surprise at the end - by Larry Marley

    File Size / Length:
    Web Page Video
    Date:2008-01-18, Google PR:0
  • Turning an egg
    Turning an egg with the spindle gouge between centers - by Chris Wright

    File Size / Length:
    4.8MB/2 min. 58 sec.
    Date:2008-01-18, Google PR:0
  • Nostepinne
    Date:2010-11-28, Google PR:-1

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