• Lidded Boxes by Pam Reilly
    Lidded boxes are a fun project that can have simple lines or highly decorative work. It can be a challenge to get a good fitting lid. This is one version of the box project that I enjoy creating.
    Date:2009-05-12, Google PR:2
  • Lattice Top Box (PDF)
    Turning a lattice top box without any special tools or jigs. By Jason Clark
    Date:2009-06-13, Google PR:0
  • Staved Box
    Bob Hamilton shows us how he made a Staved Shipping Box used for shipping his C&T goblet.
    Date:2008-01-09, Google PR:0
  • Turning a Potpourri Container (round)
    Bob Hamilton shows us how to turn a Round Potpourri Container.
    Date:2008-01-09, Google PR:0
  • Turning a Potpourri Container (square)
    Bob Hamilton shows us how to turn a Square Potpourri Container in this article.
    Date:2008-01-09, Google PR:0
  • Turning a Winged Box
    Bob Hamilton shows you in 9 episodes the technique he uses to turn winged boxes that are suspended from the wings. His instruction and video will make you much more confident to give this project a try. There are 9 separate videos, so be sure to watch all 9.
    Date:2009-03-27, Google PR:0
  • Turning An End Grain Box by Michael Stafford
    Because end grain lidded boxes are generally small they afford the turner an opportunity to use highly figured and expensive exotic woods which would be impractical in larger boxes. These relatively small boxes are usually held in the hand to be opened and must be finished to perfection as all surfaces are touched by their owners
    Date:2009-05-13, Google PR:0
  • Snowman Box
    By Don Davis
    Date:2013-12-30, Google PR:-1
  • Turning Horn 2
    Making a box from turned horn By Eric Armstrong
    Date:2016-11-05, Google PR:-1
  • Turning Horn Boxes
    By Eric Armstrong
    Date:2012-09-22, Google PR:-1

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