Holiday Projects

This page provides a list of all the projects that have online tutorials.


  • Turning a Christmas Ornament
    Turning a Christmas Ornament ( a photo sequence on how to)
    Date:2009-06-13, Google PR:2
  • Christmas Ornaments
    David Reed Smith shows us how to do a split turning Ornament.
    Date:2009-06-13, Google PR:1
  • Alternate to Inside Out Ornament
    In this article Bob Hamilton shows us another way to get the same effect of an Inside Out Ornament.
    Date:2009-06-13, Google PR:0
  • Faux Inside-Out Ornament
    Bob Hamilton has produced another series of videos. This time he shows how he turns an ornament that resembles the inside out technique.
    Date:2009-06-13, Google PR:0
  • Icicle Ornament by Bob Rosand
    The original.
    Date:2010-12-18, Google PR:0
  • Inside Out Ornaments
    By Curtis Fuller
    Date:2009-06-13, Google PR:0
  • Spiral Wire Ornament
    David Reed Smith shows us a way to use wire in making an Ornament.
    Date:2009-06-13, Google PR:0
  • Turning a Birdhouse Ornament
    In this article Larry Hancock shows us how to turn a Birdhouse Ornament.
    Date:2009-06-13, Google PR:0
  • Making a Vase using a shop-made Pin Chuck
    Date:2011-01-09, Google PR:-1

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