Hollow Forms

  • Homemade Jamieson Hollowing Tools
    Make Your own Hollowing tools
    Date:2009-03-21, Google PR:2
  • How To Cut Rings on a Lathe Using Custom Tooling
    Turning rings on a wood lathe is one way to cut pieces needed for a process called stack ring lamination, a type of segmented turning. This custom tool is tops.
    Date:2009-03-28, Google PR:1
  • Laymar Crafts - Hollow Form and other Tool Bits
    Date:2009-03-21, Google PR:1
  • Turning a Carved Vase
    In this article Ellis Hein shows you how to Turn a Vase with Carved Insides.
    Date:2008-01-08, Google PR:1
  • Start to finish Picture Tutorial
    Pictorial for turning a hollow form By Anthony Yak
    Date:2009-03-21, Google PR:0
  • Turning Southwest Hollow Forms
    In this project, Al Hockenbery explains how he makes hollow forms. He shows a couple of photo\'s of the key steps along the way!
    http://hockenbery-woodturnings.com/docs/HF Demo.PDF
    Date:2009-03-21, Google PR:0
  • How to turn a flat vase
    Lots of photos
    Date:2011-01-27, Google PR:-1
  • Reverse Turning Vases (PDF)
    By Robert Harper Dale Nish demonstrated what he calls “reverse turning”, a way to turn hollow forms that have bulbous bottoms and very thin necks. What follows is my interpretation of what he demonstrated.
    Date:2011-06-28, Google PR:-1

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