Woodturners Resource en-us http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost Wed, 26 Sep 2018 01:56:00 +0000 PhotoPost Pro 8.0 60 Salt and Pepper Mills <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5674&amp;title=salt-and-pepper-mills&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="Copy_of_JGilman_1.JPG" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/Copy_of_JGilman_1.JPG" alt="Copy_of_JGilman_1.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: jerry gilman<br /><br />Description}: Satinwood with Holly and Blackwood laminated trim. Mills are 9&quot; tall.<br /><br />8 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5674&title=salt-and-pepper-mills&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5674&title=salt-and-pepper-mills&cat=571 Wed, 30 Jan 2008 11:50:42 +0000 My First Lidded Box - To Bud <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5650&amp;title=my-first-lidded-box-to-bud&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="January2008_Projects_016-1.jpg" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/January2008_Projects_016-1.jpg" alt="January2008_Projects_016-1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Leo Frilot<br /><br />Description}: A little personal touch I included under the lid. Used a heat transfer method to achieve this effect. www.perfectwoodworks.com<br /><br />5 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5650&title=my-first-lidded-box-to-bud&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5650&title=my-first-lidded-box-to-bud&cat=571 Fri, 25 Jan 2008 05:46:58 +0000 My First Lidded Box - To Bud <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5649&amp;title=my-first-lidded-box-to-bud&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="January2008_Projects_010-1.jpg" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/January2008_Projects_010-1.jpg" alt="January2008_Projects_010-1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Leo Frilot<br /><br />Description}: It was produced from Box Elder, one of my absolute favorite turning woods. Getting the grain to line up was a task though, mostly because of the marbled patterns. First lidded box, first time using the Intimidator, first time using key filings as fill material, and experimented with a new finishing method. I friction polished it and then buffed it with 0000wool and renaissance wax. Achieved the matte finish I was looking for. A little personal surprise on the inside. Hope you like it, Bud. www.perfectwoodworks.com<br /><br />7 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5649&title=my-first-lidded-box-to-bud&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5649&title=my-first-lidded-box-to-bud&cat=571 Fri, 25 Jan 2008 05:43:58 +0000 1st Segmented Vase <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5609&amp;title=1st-segmented-vase&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="1st-Segmented-Vase-007-smal.jpg" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/1st-Segmented-Vase-007-smal.jpg" alt="1st-Segmented-Vase-007-smal.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: KenVonk<br /><br />Description}: This is the 1st bowl or vase I have finished by myself. I showed a cherry bowl before that I still haven't finished :-( This might also qualify for my first hollow form, although I don't know if segmented pieces count as hollow form. I learned a lot on this project and hope to do better on the next one! The top and sides are ` 1/8&quot; thick and the bottom ` 1/4&quot; thick. Please give me you comments and suggestions. I've got a lot to learn :-) I'll try to get it mailed out today, Wheels4. Ken<br /><br />8 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5609&title=1st-segmented-vase&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5609&title=1st-segmented-vase&cat=571 Mon, 21 Jan 2008 18:37:34 +0000 walnutbox1 <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5604&amp;title=walnutbox1&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="walnutbox1.jpg" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/walnutbox1.jpg" alt="walnutbox1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: dkennedy<br /><br />Description}: I finally got this little Walnut box done (enough to take a picture) for the challenge. I still have to do some work on the finish but I'll have to get on that later tonight after the glue for the Ebony finial dries. The post office don't open til' 9:OO so that leaves me plenty of time. :) It's about 3-3/4&quot; round and 4-1/4&quot; tall. This was my first crack at turning a sphere, so I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.<br /><br />8 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5604&title=walnutbox1&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5604&title=walnutbox1&cat=571 Sun, 20 Jan 2008 21:07:35 +0000 the other side <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5595&amp;title=the-other-side&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="P1000908-2.JPG" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/P1000908-2.JPG" alt="P1000908-2.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: wheels4<br /><br />Description}: oh forgot this oad is from 150 180 year old tree from the Santa Fe Trail that no wagons pasted that this tree probly didn't see per county ext officer<br /><br />2 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5595&title=the-other-side&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5595&title=the-other-side&cat=571 Sun, 20 Jan 2008 00:25:23 +0000 CT Challange <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5594&amp;title=ct-challange&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="P1000907-1.JPG" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/P1000907-1.JPG" alt="P1000907-1.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: wheels4<br /><br />Description}: This is my first hollow form with small openingn 2&quot; any way small for me it's 7 1/2 side and 4 tall It was pure green when I started first time for microwave drying first time using Sorby Hollowmaster. i don't think now that I microwaved it enough since I cant get the finish to dry. I soaked it real well with BLO and then wipe on poly but the Poly wont dry even got a new can yesterday and its still tacky today so any ideas. Not as thin as I would like but its not a funnel either and not as good finish on the inside as i thinks it should be but ran our of time. I hope you enjoy Ken<br /><br />10 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5594&title=ct-challange&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5594&title=ct-challange&cat=571 Sun, 20 Jan 2008 00:22:28 +0000 ct <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5593&amp;title=ct&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="ct.jpg" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/ct.jpg" alt="ct.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: dkennedy<br /><br />Description}: After seeing the other pieces that the participants of this challenge have made, I think it goes without saying that this little piece of Cherry isn’t the most spectacular turning to grace the pages of this C&amp;T gallery, but I sure did learn a lot form making it. I did use a new tool I made from an old one, and I experimented with several new techniques, but the most important thing I learned through this experience is humility. This was a very difficult chunk of wood, and every time I thought I had gotten the upper hand on whatever situation I was confronted with it would develop another “issue”. When the foot broke off while I was parting, my heart sank. For any other piece a break like this would have been the coup de grace, but I was determined not to let this one beat me. From start to finish it tested my patients and constantly reminded me that I have only just begun to explore the outer edges of the turning universe. In the end I felt like this was a success even though I know all too well that in a few hours, days, or months, I’ll look back at it as a complete failure, but at least I know that I gave 100% effort. I think another thing I should mention is that on this past Friday afternoon I got a sick feeling in my gut when I looked at all the pieces of art in my trading partner’s gallery. Maybe it was indeed a sign of things to come; an omen if you will. I immediately sent him an email to warn him that I am very new to this turning thing, and I also informed him that he would probably not be receiving a masterpiece. I felt I owed it to him to give him “options” as to what his next move might be. Mark sent me a reassuring email back which made me feel a lot better about this whole experience. I also think that his creation for this challenge speaks volumes as to where his heart is. A man of lesser character or with a materialistic disposition would have thought twice about swapping a masterpiece for my not so masterful piece. Thanks Mark. In fact, all of you veteran turners should give yourselves a pat on the back for taking the time share your experience on these boards. Since I’ve started turning I have noticed that the turning community as a whole is one of the most sharing groups of folks I have ever met, online or otherwise, and all of you should be commended for that. Sincerely, Donnie<br /><br />9 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5593&title=ct&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5593&title=ct&cat=571 Sat, 19 Jan 2008 23:23:04 +0000 C &amp; T vase for Twigs <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5592&amp;title=c-amp-t-vase-for-twigs&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="0066A-Wormy-Maple-8-x-3.jpg" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/0066A-Wormy-Maple-8-x-3.jpg" alt="0066A-Wormy-Maple-8-x-3.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: TDRice<br /><br />Description}: Wormy Maple Vase, 8 1/4(Oops)x 3 1/2. worm caca is stabilized with CA glue. Exterior finish is 4 coats of wipe on Poly. This is my second hollow form and the second piece I have done with my termite tool. It is also an experiment with coating the inside with plastic resin to make it waterproof. You can actually use it as a vase for cut flowers. I left it full of water for 48 hours and it didn't lose a drop. I hope you enjoy it Twigs. From the pics it looks like I may have gotten the better end of this trade.<br /><br />7 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5592&title=c-amp-t-vase-for-twigs&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5592&title=c-amp-t-vase-for-twigs&cat=571 Sat, 19 Jan 2008 18:35:13 +0000 New Experience for Jimvh <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5591&amp;title=new-experience-for-jimvh&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="newbowl.jpg" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/newbowl.jpg" alt="newbowl.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: bubbatd<br /><br />Description}: This is a Cypress bowl that has several new to me experience's new Thompson bowl gauge, first time using a chuck new nova g3, finished with a Beal bowl buffing system The bowl is 5&quot; 1/2 by 1&quot;1/2 and is finished with Mylands and Carnauba wax. Something else new to me as I was putting finish on a crack developed and now how do I make that a design feature? So I put a leaf and bead on with CA to either embellish or hide the crack. Please comment and advise. Tom<br /><br />12 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5591&title=new-experience-for-jimvh&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5591&title=new-experience-for-jimvh&cat=571 Sat, 19 Jan 2008 18:00:11 +0000 Candle Holder <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5588&amp;title=candle-holder&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="Candle_Holder.jpg" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/Candle_Holder.jpg" alt="Candle_Holder.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Larry Charlot<br /><br />Description}: East Indian Soapstone and Cherry 1/4&quot; thick approx. 3 3/4 x 5 7/8 First candle holder and added an area that allows for inserting candle and lighting, will probably do more of these.<br /><br />14 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5588&title=candle-holder&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5588&title=candle-holder&cat=571 Sat, 19 Jan 2008 16:31:52 +0000 Pierced Egg Ornament <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5587&amp;title=pierced-egg-ornament&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="CharliesOrnament.jpg" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/CharliesOrnament.jpg" alt="CharliesOrnament.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: golfr<br /><br />Description}: A pierced egg ornament ala Kurt Hertzog, a lot of fun to do. Will have to pack it carefully.<br /><br />13 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5587&title=pierced-egg-ornament&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5587&title=pierced-egg-ornament&cat=571 Sat, 19 Jan 2008 16:28:12 +0000 Open segmented - lid off <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5586&amp;title=open-segmented-lid-off&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="OS_top_off-800.jpg" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/OS_top_off-800.jpg" alt="OS_top_off-800.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Bob Hamilton<br /><br />Description}: A couple more shots of the bowl, one showing the inside. Hope you like it, Toni! :D<br /><br />3 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5586&title=open-segmented-lid-off&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5586&title=open-segmented-lid-off&cat=571 Sat, 19 Jan 2008 11:50:44 +0000 Open segmented - side views <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5585&amp;title=open-segmented-side-views&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="OS_side_views-800.jpg" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/OS_side_views-800.jpg" alt="OS_side_views-800.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Bob Hamilton<br /><br />Description}: White ash and cherry open segmented lidded bowl. Diameter 8&quot; and overall height about 5 1/2&quot;. Finish is Danish oil &amp; Beall buff. This would be my first stab at an open segmented piece. Also the first time using 12 segments instead of 8 for building the rings. :)<br /><br />9 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5585&title=open-segmented-side-views&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5585&title=open-segmented-side-views&cat=571 Sat, 19 Jan 2008 11:49:08 +0000 C&amp;T Platter <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5584&amp;title=c-amp-t-platter&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="IMG_00013.JPG" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/IMG_00013.JPG" alt="IMG_00013.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: Mark Damron<br /><br />Description}: Curly maple platter measuring 8&quot;dia X 3/4&quot; thick. The center is dished out with gold leaf and I added a textured ring with flat black enamel then finished off the platter with shellac. The base is a mallee burl scrap piece also shot with flat black enamel and lacquered with a brass rod holding things together. I used shellac on the platter because I turned it while demoing for our club at the anual woodworkers show, its not as bad as lacquer indoors.<br /><br />12 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5584&title=c-amp-t-platter&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5584&title=c-amp-t-platter&cat=571 Sat, 19 Jan 2008 03:53:13 +0000 Box for Bubbatd <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5583&amp;title=box-for-bubbatd&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="Box_Ambrosia_Maple.jpg" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/Box_Ambrosia_Maple.jpg" alt="Box_Ambrosia_Maple.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: JimVH<br /><br />Description}: Ambrosia Maple w/ Walnut Finial 6&quot;x3&quot; Wipe-on Poly, Waxed &amp; Buffed First box and first use of my new Termite. Sorry for the picture quality - still working on that. I hope you enjoy it!<br /><br />13 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5583&title=box-for-bubbatd&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5583&title=box-for-bubbatd&cat=571 Sat, 19 Jan 2008 03:22:04 +0000 Yorksub New Experience <a href="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5581&amp;title=yorksub-new-experience&amp;cat=571"><img class="imgborder" title="Seg_Bowl_2.jpg" border="0" src="http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/data/571/thumbs/Seg_Bowl_2.jpg" alt="Seg_Bowl_2.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: yorksub<br /><br />Description}: This is my first attempt at Segmented Turning. 9 3/4 x 2 1/2 Whoops sorry REV made it too big. Saplee, Imbuia, Cherry and Cabreuva All coments welcome. Charlie<br /><br />10 comments http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5581&title=yorksub-new-experience&cat=571 http://www.woodturnersresource.com/wrphotopost/showphoto.php?photo=5581&title=yorksub-new-experience&cat=571 Fri, 18 Jan 2008 23:41:38 +0000